Thirteen months ago, my entire bathroom began to seep water from its pores, and I found myself living in Dante’s third ring of hell, “a vile slush produced by ceaseless foul, icy rain from which the only safe passage is by filling the guard monster’s three mouths with mud.”   Taking heed in Virgil’s example, I called [...]


  Just the other day, walking down Independencia Av., a black rat ran across my path, and it brought back memories of the b&b… The guests staying in the honeymoon suite were an ideal couple: appreciative, curious and open-minded Canadians. (I will say no more aboot that). Prior to their arrival, rat droppings were spotted [...]


What Should I Do Today?

July 19, 2012

    In order to provide understanding, and in    turn receive sympathy, for the reasons behind my most recent absence from this forum, today’s post is simply my day’s to-do list. (Actually this was yesterday’s and since then, much has changed, but I didn’t have time to post it and now I don’t have time to revise it [...]

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A Socially Uncomfortable Day

April 20, 2012

I am pretty certain that when someone meets me for the first time the general impression is “what is she doing here?”  Wherever “here” is.  Because I usually find myself doing things I don’t know anything about with people that I don’t know.  It is standard fare for me to impulsively decide on my next [...]

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The Perilous and Sinuous Path Possibly Leading to Business School – PART TWO

April 16, 2012

So my friend took me to the Harvard bookstore on my way to the airport, and we scoured the shelves for THE book. I found it, Veritas, a noble navy blue with gold emblazoned crest on the cover, written by smart people for smart people. (I still thought I was smart at that point). While [...]

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The Perilous and Sinuous Path Possibly Leading to Business School – PART ONE

April 15, 2012

Most of you who know me well were kindly silent but aghast at my most recent life plan of getting an EXECUTIVE Masters Degree in Business Administration, knowing that I’d walk off the campus nineteen months later in my Nine West pumps with an outrageously overpriced education and no job. Again. When I sensed confusion, [...]

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March 2, 2012

If you were persistent enough to make it to the end of the last post, you were probably dizzy from the hammering and shut down your computer to turn off the noise. So here, I have toned it down and expanded at leisure upon a single point from the list, and will continue to do [...]

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February 13, 2012

here i am, in honor of my loyal readership, a dedicated and insistent tribe of three, who have remarked that my four-year lapse between posts is an interesting marketing strategy. to be fair i shall start off with a recap of the last 1,429 days so that if you are new here (which given my [...]

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here here

April 9, 2007

having been mistaken for a tree-hugger for the college i went to, and a hippie because of the place i lived, i have dabbled in the spiritual side of life but never dove in, for the sake of maintaining my urban cynicism. but too many things have happened to me recently, fatal coincidences, to be [...]

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todo envio

March 16, 2007

the tan, female, argentine kris-kristoferson sitting being the counter at the laundromat put out her cigarette and wrote the name of a tailor on a torn post-it. when i asked where i’d find the shop she lit another cigarette and told me she makes house calls. each day lots of things don’t make sense to [...]

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